We’re having a…

  Tiffany  February 8, 2014   Leave a comment

We’re having a…BOY!

Announcement - Photo

SO excited to announce that we are having another boy! Liam will have a little brother (or “Baybee Bubba”, as he pronounces it right now), come July!

We went for our 16-week OB appt yesterday, and weren’t expecting to have an ultrasound (our “big” ultrasound is scheduled for a few weeks from now). But when our doctor came in, she rolled in the portable ultrasound machine and asked if we wanted a peek. Of course, we said, YES!

Our doctor told us, “Now, there’s no guarantee that we’ll be able to tell the gender right now.” But as soon as we saw our little one on the screen, it was very clear…he is a boy. :)

As I’ve mentioned before, we have felt very strongly from the beginning that this baby was a boy. So, it is wonderful to have our suspicions confirmed. We can now call him by his name!

Gideon James is the name we have chosen for our little guy. Gideon means “powerful warrior”, and we absolutely love the story of Gideon in the Bible. James is in honor of my Dad, my Pawpaw (my Dad’s dad), and Jonathan’s Grandpa. It’s a special family name that belongs to three mighty men of God.

Now that we know for sure that our precious baby is a boy and we can call him by name, this is feeling even more real. I thank God every day for blessing us with another healthy baby. And I am so excited that Liam will have a brother to play with and grow close to throughout the years (I already have images of them having light saber battles!). :) My heart couldn’t feel fuller or happier right now.

Next week I will share my 16-week baby bump photo as well as the ultrasound picture. But for now, we couldn’t wait to announce the gender. SO EXCITED!