Music that Encourages

  Tiffany  January 8, 2014   1 Comment

I love music. Music has a way of setting the mood and changing the atmosphere for any day. When I began to think of music that way, I realized how powerful it can be.

When you’re having a bad day, it can be tempting to listen to music that matches your mood. But man, what a difference it can make when you choose to listen to music that encourages and lifts you up.

This is one thing I put into practice last year that really helped me. I enjoy listening to music on any day, but when I’m going through a hard time, I feel like it is almost vital to my survival (that may be putting it a little dramatically, but I think you know what I’m trying to say).

Last year I put together a playlist of songs that really spoke to me. I almost felt like they were written just for me and what I was going through. On those days that I felt like I didn’t have the strength to go on, I would turn on this music and it would encourage and fill me with life again.

So, I wanted to share this playlist with you! Whether you’re having a great day or a not-so-great one, I hope that these songs encourage you and brings joy to your day.

[If for some reason you’re not able to see the playlist above, you can access it by clicking on this link.]

If you love any of these songs, you can find them all on either iTunes or Amazon. I encourage you to go and support the artists listed!

Now, I would LOVE to hear…what are your favorite songs that encourage you?

  • Chelsea Coupe

    Those are some of my favorite songs! I know what you mean by feeling like you need music just to survive sometimes! Some other ones that have really ministered to me when I’m going through something are “Not For A Moment” by Meredith Andrews, “You’re Not Alone” by Rick Pino, and “You Are For Me” by Kari Jobe.