Gideon James: 28 Weeks!

  Tiffany  May 6, 2014   Leave a comment

Hello, 3rd Trimester!

It’s hard to believe that in about 12 weeks we will get to see our little guy Gideon. With every day that passes, it begins to feel more real. And we couldn’t be more excited! This week I started going through Liam’s old baby things, sorting through them, washing clothes, and figuring out what else we need in order to be prepared. As I was folding those little newborn onesies and sleepers, I couldn’t help but picture what Gideon will look like in them. I love daydreaming about him!

28 Weeks Cover Photo 22-28 weeks

As far as how I’m feeling, I have still been having lots of contractions. Some days more than others. I have to play each day by ear, as they can be unpredictable. On the days when the contractions are sporadic and milder, I’m able to get up and go out and do things (which is wonderful). But when the contractions get more uncomfortable and are numerous and close together, I have to stay off my feet. I’m learning (still learning, at times) to listen to my body and truly rest. We need Gideon to stay in there for a while longer, so resting is important. I go to see my doctor again tomorrow, and it is always reassuring to see her and get an update.

Last night some of my amazing friends threw me the sweetest surprise baby shower. I was shocked and felt incredibly blessed and loved. I am very impressed that they were able to surprise me, because that’s not always easy to do. Haha. I honestly had no clue! It was such a special night and I received some precious things for our little guy. :) Thankful to have such wonderful people in my life.

2014-05-05 20.39.04-2

2014-05-05 20.37.52-1

During this season we are in, I can’t help but be overwhelmed (in a good way) by the great blessings God has brought into our lives. I am incredibly thankful for how God has provided for and directed our family, even through difficult times. I am so excited about life and all that is in store! We are really looking forward to being a family of four. :)