Gideon James: 26 Weeks!

  Tiffany  April 22, 2014   Leave a comment

26 Weeks! Only two weeks away from my third trimester. We are getting closer and closer to having our little guy with us, and we couldn’t be more excited! :)

26 Weeks copy

I mentioned in my last pregnancy update that I have been having a lot of contractions. Some days I will have more than others, but it’s been pretty common for me to have 30+ contractions in one day, often getting closer and closer together. Because of all of this, I went in two weeks ago for an ultrasound and testing. Everything looked good then, which was wonderful! But because the contractions have continued and even increased, I’m needing to go in again tomorrow for more testing (and may need to continue doing this as long as the contractions continue, just to monitor the chances of preterm labor).

While I’m having multiple contractions (which has been most days recently), I’m supposed to be off my feet and resting. This can be challenging when you have an almost two year old running around, but I’m thankful that Liam is pretty easy going and so far I’ve been able to get most of the rest I need. It is hard for me on those days where I’m not allowed to do much, because I really don’t like being unproductive or feeling lazy. Not a great feeling. But through this, God is teaching me to rest in Him, and to not find my worth and identity in what I do. I’m also super thankful that I have an amazing husband who takes care of me and Liam (and Gideon) and helps pick up the slack around the house.

Please continue to pray for me and Gideon and that he will stay put for as long as he needs to. As excited as we are to meet him, we want him to be able to grow as much as he can so he can be healthy and strong. I trust that God has our baby (and me) in His hands and that everything will be great!

It was so fun getting to see our little guy in the ultrasound a couple weeks ago. It was an unexpected surprise. I couldn’t believe how much he had grown since the last time we saw him. The ultrasound technician got some great photos of him, and this is my favorite. Melts my heart!

2014-04-09 15.25.22-2

Gideon is now nearing 2 lbs in weight and is about 14 inches long. It’s crazy how fast he is growing (keep it up, little man!).

Last week I went in for my Glucose Test, and thankfully I passed it! Yay! SO grateful that I don’t have to go in for the long test like I did for Liam…especially since I have a history of passing out sometimes when  my blood is drawn.

2014-04-17 08.21.52-2

For the first half of my pregnancy, I craved healthy food for the most part. And although I still crave the healthy stuff, starting a few weeks ago, I have begun craving sweets a LOT. Doughnuts have been my main craving (especially Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts from the Franklin Farmer’s Market!). I’ve also been craving key lime pie and lemon meringue pie. And ice cream. And Reese’s Peanut Butter Easter eggs. Yeah, not so healthy. This is new, because when I was pregnant with Liam, I didn’t really want many sweets. I don’t mind giving into these cravings every now and then, but I don’t want to overindulge and eat tooooo much sugar. So I’m looking for new healthy snacks to hopefully curb my cravings. And I’m trying to practice self control. :)

12-26 Weeks

If you’ve reached the end of this post, congratulations! Haha. Thanks for joining with us on this journey and double thanks to those of you who have been keeping us in your prayers. We appreciate it more than you know!