Baby Zajas #2: 14 Weeks!

  Tiffany  January 27, 2014   Leave a comment

It’s so hard to believe that I am 14 weeks along in this pregnancy already! As of this week, I am now in my 2nd trimester…a third of the way there! With each week that passes, I get more and more excited to meet our little baby face to face.

Right now our little one measures about 3.5 inches long from head to bottom – about the size of a lemon – and weighs 1.5 ounces. :) It is still amazing to me how fast babies grow!

Here’s an updated picture of the baby bump…

14 Weeks

I have been feeling pretty good lately! I am still tired most of the time, but the nausea has reduced to a once-in-a-while thing, which is wonderful. I’ve only had a couple days in the past two weeks that I’ve been really sick. A new symptom I’ve started having recently is migraines. I had them with Liam starting around this time as well. It is interesting to me how very similar this pregnancy has been to my first. Headaches aren’t fun, but I’ll gladly take them since it means we’re having a baby. Totally worth it! (Although I do hope they don’t continue the entire time) :)

Last week I posted on Instagram one of my new cravings…mushrooms! Specifically, a certain stuffed mushroom. I made them twice in one week, and already have plans to make them again this week. Yum! Fruit Tea is also a current obsession of mine. I never knew what fruit tea was until I moved to Tennessee, and now that I know…there is no turning back. It’s the perfect combination of sweet tea and fruit juices. I adapted a couple recipes to come up with my own, that I am now a huge fan of (I hope to share it with you on here soon). Of course, I make it with decaf tea, but it’s still as tasty as ever.

I am still feeling the baby move around, which is always a wonderful feeling. The movements are getting stronger, and what used to feel like tiny flutters now feel like tiny taps.

From the very beginning, I’ve felt as though this baby is another boy, and last night I had a dream that we found out for sure that it was. But we would be absolutely thrilled with a girl as well. We would love to have more children after this baby, and I do feel as though at least one of them will be a girl…but I have an inkling that this one is a boy. I’m looking forward to our big ultrasound on February 28th where will we find out for sure! We shall see! I’m excited to be able to start calling the baby by his or her name.

I am so thankful that this pregnancy is going well and that our baby continues to grow healthily. Such a blessing!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!